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Y6 Summer Fair

Y6 Summer Fair

Over at ‘The Bridge’, some pupils attended ‘Fairthorne Manor’. The pupils who didn’t attend Fairthorne expected to do work, BUT NO! They hosted the inaugural Year 6 summer fair for the Year 5 children!

Despite all the other fairs which have been hosted, the summer fair that Year 6 created was different; it was bigger, it was better. There were many different stalls including: food, drinks, games and much more.

As you know, year 6 have created the fair independently. I’ll give you an examples of what stalls there were during the afternoon. One of the stalls were called ‘Sponge Ball’. This is where you throw a sponge at someone’s face while they were held hostage and they kicked a ball into a goal with an obstacle.

We managed to raise up to £313.35; the Usborne Books Company are being generous and doubling the money we have raised leading us up to £626.70. The money we have raised will be spent on books for our library.

A note from Miss Southern

Year 6 worked so hard all week on the summer fair. They were focused and creative throughout, and the huge amount of money they managed to raise for the library at The Bridge is a testament to their effort. All the teachers and TAs at The Bridge are very proud of the brilliant event they managed to create!