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Social Development

SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: refers to a pupil’s progressive acquisition of the competencies and qualities needed to play a full part in society.

At Newbridge this is achieved by:

  • Fostering a sense of community with common, inclusive values (Assembly; Home-School Agreement; events including Discos; Involvement in community events such as cultural festival in Portsmouth; partnership with Father Bob and other local churches,
  • Promoting racial, religious and other forms of equality (Racial &Equal opportunities policies ;)
  • Encouraging children to work co-operatively (PSHE, Playtime Buddies, House system; mixed year group curriculum events, mixed sports teams)
  • Encouraging children to recognise and respect social differences and similarities e.g. where they live, different kinds of family models, age issues (RE; English, History, Geography and PSHE)
  • Promoting British Values (see separate Statement)
  • Providing positive corporate experiences e.g. special curriculum events, productions, school council, school sporting events, class Assemblies
  • Helping pupils develop personal qualities which are valued in society, e.g. thoughtfulness, honesty, respect for differences, moral principles, independence, inter-dependence, self-respect. R.E, P.H.S.E.
  • Helping children relieve tensions between their own aspirations and those of the wider group (ELSA, parent support worker) counselling and work with external agencies
  • Providing opportunities to participate in the democratic process and participate in making community decisions (School Council; votes in class on a variety of issues)
  • Providing children with opportunities to exercise leadership and responsibility (School Council, Class monitors; Bridge Captains, Playground monitors)