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Eco Code promotes pledge for school to be more eco-friendly

Eco Code promotes pledge for school to be more eco-friendly

Everyone needs to make simple changes to be more eco-friendly – that’s the message of our children.  

They have been practicing their Eco Code recently, which promotes the school’s mission to be more eco-friendly and make a positive environmental difference in the community and the world.

The code is led by a team of children, otherwise known as Eco-Warriors, who form the schools Eco Committee which promote eco-friendly behaviours and nationwide campaigns.

Mr Colin Rudgley, a teacher at the school who supports the Eco-Committee, expressed huge pride and admiration for what the children are doing.

He said: “It’s hugely encouraging to see the Eco Warriors so passionate about being eco-friendly and doing what is right to protect the environment.

“They have come up with a school action plan, which includes doing a daily litter pick of the school grounds and sharing recycling tips, that we monitor. We celebrate when something has been achieved too.

“I think it’s important to monitor the progress of the school’s eco-friendly plan, because it’s important to remind the children that what we’re doing really makes a difference.”

The school’s Eco Committee have also led special eco-friendly assemblies, participated in the UK-wide Big School Clean initiative, engaged with the Final Straw Foundation – who work with businesses and communities to improve ocean health, and have promoted a Walk to School Week.

More stories to come from the schools Eco-Committee.