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Year 5 trip to Paultons Park


On Friday 8 September Year 5 visited Paultons Park as part of their ‘Scream Machine’ topic. The day was packed full of fun and activities with the children learning all about different forces in action. A more thorough inspection of how the rides work was then carried out by the children as they went around the park and experienced the various forces and their effects themselves.

Last Friday we went to Paultons Park, we had so much fun (even with the pouring rain!) First of all we did a workshop about Forces. We went round the park to different rides, talked about the forces, and then we got to go on them! The first ride we went on was called Sky Swingers and after that we went on Dino Chase. Dino Chase was really good because it showed us how gravity made the ride move. We then went on a bigger roller coaster to compare – it was so fast but really fun! Once we had been on all the rides and talked about the forces, we headed home! We were all very tired but it was the best trip ever! Now we are back at school we are going to use what we learnt to help us design our own theme park and roller coaster ride! 

Mitchell 5H